Electrical Muscle Stimulation

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EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation) Personal and Group training has a number of short-term and long-term benefits for those who train with the technology can experience.

Short-term increases in strength and endurance are among them.  The long-term benefits of continuing with EMS training are going to be evident with maintenance of maintaining balanced muscle mass throughout your entire body, correcting postural deviations, and relief of back pain are among a few mentionable benefits of training with EMS.  

About EMS in Beverly Hills

When lifting weights at the gym, your brain sends electrical signals to your muscles eliciting a voluntary muscle contraction. EMS simply bypasses this process in sending additional, involuntary clean stimulation to the muscle fibers. Furthermore, your EMS trainer has the ability to adjust each individual muscle group during the training session to maximize efficacy of every movement, allowing the trainer to focus on form and apply intensity specific to the individual.  

Benefits of EMS

Adults of all ages, levels, and physical conditions can benefit from EMS training.  EMS is low-impact in that it requires little to no weights due to the ability to apply  and adjust the level of stimulation needed from client to client. This can particularly be beneficial for clients with recent injuries where the muscles are weakened or have partially atrophied.  Also, individuals who cannot strength train due to injuries can easily conduct intense strength training programs with EMS at Element Fitness.

EMS can quickly and noticeably improve one’s posture in that it strengthens the stabilizing muscles of the spine, the stimulation during training also provides additional lumbar support that can benefit those with weak back and/or abdominals. In addition to burning more calories, reducing recovery time, significant increases in anaerobic endurance and muscle strength are among the results that can be seen while training with EMS.  

EMS Candidates

Those 18 years or older qualify for EMS training. Overall healthy individuals who do not fall under our contraindications can participate.  Each client will be qualified on their first visit.  

If you are a candidate for EMS Personal Training in Beverly Hills, book your trial session today.

Severe heart conditions, electrical implants, liver or nervous system issues, and severe skin conditions are among some of the contraindications that will prohibit one from participating in EMS training. Book a trial sessioncontact us, or visit our studio to learn more.  

Our EMS Trial Session

At Element Fitness, our Introductory EMS Trial Sessions include a body composition scan, consultation, and EMS training session.  

For introductory sessions, please plan on setting aside 1.5 or 2 hours to allow for consultation, questions, and preparation.  

Potential clients will meet with one of our qualified EMS Trainers upon arrival, from there they will provide explanation and scanning prior to the session.  

After every Introductory trial experience, the trainer will sit down with the potential clients to check in on the experience, and to go over our service suite and pricing to find a program that fit their needs. 

Come feel the difference EMS training has to offer and book your trial experience today! 


We ask first-time participants to refrain from eating 1.5-2 hours prior to training, and stay hydrated before, during, and after the training session.  

The beauty of EMS training is that the client is not required to wear or bring anything with them.  At Element Fitness, we provide all undergarments for EMS sessions and Stretch treatments.  

All paperwork will ideally be filled out prior to arrival.  We will send a document request to each potential client to fill out some important and required documents prior to their appointment date.  

Ongoing Training Sessions

The frequency of EMS sessions will specifically depend on the clients conditioning and ultimate goals.  Most do 2 EMS sessions per week, with 2 days of rest in between. There are others who come once per week as a supplement to their strength training program.  It is possible for athletes to train up to 3 times a week with EMS depending upon the individual and situation. 

We are able to do anything that can be done in a traditional gym in the fraction of the time.  

Our services are appointment based and a clients EMS Trainer will partially be dependent upon scheduling.  This will ultimately depend on if the client wishes to train with a specific EMS trainer.  

Introductory EMS sessions are between 17-20 minutes, ongoing EMS sessions are 25 minutes long.  

Each session ends (given time constraints) with a 3-minute relaxation program utilizing stimulation that has a loosening and massaging effect on the muscles.  

If you’re interested in EMS training, book your trial experience today! 

Clients can enjoy the benefits of a complete strength training program coming in studio for 2-25 minute sessions per week.  If a client prefers to use EMS as a compliment or to supercharge their current strength training routine, they will typically come once per week.  


Clients who participate in their first EMS session will feel great following their first workout.  The endorphins will be rushing and muscles may feel quite a bit fatigued immediately after the session. 

Clients will experience delayed onset muscle soreness where soreness will typically come 2 days following one’s first EMS session.  

We always ask that each client refrain from any strength training for 2 days following their first session.  In addition, static stretching at least 2 times per day and any form of cold therapy recovery methods will assist in minimizing soreness.  


Clients who do regular strength training at a gym will quickly experience strength gains in the form of being able to achieve additional reps and weight in the gym. Clients can realize noticeable improvements in both aerobic and anaerobic endurance and training programs can be designed to focus on improvements in this area.  

At lower frequencies transcutaneous stimulation can help to loosen and massage the muscles which is associated with contributing to increased flexibility when paired with a sound recovery program.   

Complementary Nutrition Guide

We offer Nutrition Counseling with a Registered Dietitian which can be added on to a program, or is available with our Premium Program.

Nutrition Counseling consists of one-60 minute intake and counseling session with our Dietitian, this will be an opportunity for the Dietitian to gather pertinent medical and or lifestyle information from you and for you to ask questions and state your purpose for seeking assistance. These are followed up by 30-minute follow-up counseling sessions either within the program or on an as-needed basis.    

EMS Cost in Beverly Hills

Element Fitness is the premier and pioneer in EMS training. Our programs, facility, and services are one of a kind.  Located on the Penthouse with breathtaking views of the city, we provide a technology-based approach to health and wellness in providing intense, but low-impact training and individualized Recovery Stretch Program that is second to none. 

Element EMS Fitness Programs


Includes 8 EMS Sessions / 2 Body Composition & 3D Body Scans and Consultation

EMS 16

Includes 16 EMS Sessions / 3 Body Composition & 3D Body Scans and Consultation

EMS 24

Includes 24 EMS Sessions / 4 Body Composition & 3D Body Scans and Consultation

A la carte Pricing

$120 per EMS Session 

Element Fitness is the premier EMS Personal Training solution in Los Angeles. By offering customized fitness plans based on your goals and expectations, our trainers can assist you in meeting, and exceeding your goals. If you are ready to crush your fitness goal, contact us today to schedule your trial session with one of our expert trainers!


Do electronic muscle stimulators really work?

If you understand the science behind Electro muscle stimulation, you will see that it has the ability quickly and efficiently accelerate muscle growth, correct muscle imbalances, etc.

How long should you use electro muscle stimulation?

There is no specific period that you are limited to when it comes to EMS training.  unlike any other training method, if continued, will help accelerate and or maintain your desired results.

How many times a day can you use electro muscle stimulation?

EMS training should be performed once every 3 days, with 2 days of recovery in between each session.  Most clients visit us 2 times a week to train using EMS technology with 2 days of rest in between. 

Does EMS burn fat?

EMS training is specifically designed to quickly and efficiently build muscle when compared to traditionals strength training.  Metabolism increases as your muscles work and grow as your cells demand more energy, this results in increased fat burning.  

Does EMS reduce belly fat?

EMS is not a slimming procedure, it is a training method that can produce and enhance results in fat loss, muscle building, elderly, and sport specific training clients when following a sound diet and training program.